BIOGRAPHY – A life in the trenches by Vladimiro Barberio


Only after having known his story, of which he writes with captivating frankness, can the reader understand the poems that close the volume: they are hymns to life, to brotherhood, to love, verses that should be sung in chorus to be courageous, not to forget the simplest and most true values.

Book necklace: Athena

ISBN: 979-84-48645-91-4


I have known Vladimiro for years and I have been able to appreciate his great humanitarian gifts, his altruism, willingness to face any initiative for disadvantaged people.
I undertook so many initiatives with him, such as humanitarian assistance in favour of childhood in the Philippines, the protection of workers’ rights and initiatives in favour of Filipinos suffering from serious deceases.
I have always enjoyed Vladimiro’s stubbornness facing various issues…

(Dr. Fabio Fanfani)

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